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During her life time Emilie Mediz-Pelikan, married to the painter Karl Mediz since 1891, was a distiguished artist with important exhibitions. When she gave her debut in 1890 with a solo exhibition in Munich a critic wrote that "one had never seen such an spectacle of impressions before". She and her husband where represented at the first eshibition of the Secession with three paintings. 1903 the Austrian artist group Hagenbund dedicated an exhibition to the works of the artist couple.

Only five years later, in 1908, Emilie Mediz-Pelikan died at the age of 47 in Dresden, Germany and her work fell into oblivion. Her estate was private property of one sole heiress who forbid any exhibitions and only after her death the DDR became the trustee of the collection. It tookseveral more years until the works came to Austria. In 1986 the Museum of Upper Austria finally showed a Mediz exhibition. The late rediscovery of the artist by art historians as well as by collectors led to several smaller exhibitions in different private galleries in Vienna, Linz and Munich over the last years.


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